Спектакли по пьесам Сэмюэля Беккета


"Krapp's Last Tape"

"Krapp's Last Tape"  

"A Última Gravação de Krapp"

"Not I" (1973)

"Not I" (performed by Julianne Moore)  


"Happy days" (with Shanna Zuckerman)

"Beginning To End" (Performed by Jack Macgowran)

Morton Feldman & Samuel Beckett  "Words and Music"

"A piece of monologue"


"Act Without Words I"

"Quad I+II" ( The play (directed by Beckett himself) was first transmitted by the Süddeutscher Rundfunk in Germany on 8 October 1981)




"Nacht und Träume" (1982)  


"Ohio Impromptu" (Staged at the Magic Theater, 1986)

"Come & Go"

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