Paul McCartney

"Hey Jude"

"Once Upon A Long Ago"

"Bip Bop"

"My Love"

"Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"

"Beautiful Night"



"Blue Bird"

"Dear friend"


"Monkberry Moon Delight"

"From A Lover To A Friend"

"Band on the Run"

"The Back Seat Of My Car"

"3 Legs"

"Every Night"

"That Would Be Something"


"Teddy Boy"

"Momma Miss America"

"Oo You"

"Long Haired Lady"


"Heart of the Country"

"Another Day"

"Picasso's Last Words"

"Heaven On A Sunday"


"I Do"


"Back In The Sunshine Again"

"Tug Of War"

"So Bad"

"Listen To What The Man Said"

"Call Me Back Again"

"Treat Her Gently"

"Spirits Or Ancient Egypt"

"Little Lamb Dragonfly"

"Off The Ground: C'mon People/Cosmically Conscious"

"Mr Bellamy"

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